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SUPER Easy French Knot Bun Tutorial

Welcome to out first online tutorial online! We hope to build this section up over time to create a definitive guide on how-to’s and what products to use to create that gorgeous look. Well, let’s kick it off with a “knot”so average hairstyle. Gone are the days of the simple top knot. Why not glam it up a little and pair it with a gorgeous braid? Let’s go a step further and dispense with the boring

how to do a French Knotted Bun. EASY!

and simple French braid and create a beautiful French knot instead?

You’re probably wondering if this style will work for you, well as long as your hair is shoulder length or longer, this style will work wonders for you!You are probably thinking this style looks quite complicated, and at first glance I can understand why, but it really isn’t.  Today you are about to learn exactly how to do this and how easy it really is to create a beautiful and unique hairstyle.


So let’s start the lesson! – How to make a french knot bun.

Make sure you are working with second day hair or clean hair that has been sprayed with a decent texture or sea salt spray.  Grab yourself a handful of bobby pins or even a nice hair comb.

French Knotted Bun Step One

step1Flip your head over and take two small sections of hair.

Ideally you want to get these as close to the nape at the bottom hairline.
Now tie these sections together (tie just once).



Easy French Bun Step 2


Add some hair to either side as if you were creating a braid, but do not braid, simply tie together!





Do this again by adding more hair to both sides and knotting.





Continue to do this, while working your way all the way to the top of your head.





Gather all remaining hair and twist it together, winding it into a bun on the top of your head.






Lock it in place using the bobby pins or the hair comb. Look Secured




And that’s it, that’s how to make a french knot bun. Throughout the day/ night this beautiful style you have created will loosen a bit and soften.  But don’t worry too much, as this actually make it more and more beautiful. YES! a hairstyle that gets better with wear!!

Stay tuned for more tips as we add them every few days.  Have a request? Send it through or leave a request below. We will get our team onto it straight away and have a new tutorial just for you!

Until then…have a great weekend.


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